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Our Rates


For face painting at private parties, select the package that best meets your needs. See below for hourly pricing.

For 20 guests




  • Up to 12 guests

  • Children only (no adults painted)

  • Choose from our 20 popular party designs (no custom requests)

  • Artist with at least 1 year of experience


birthday party face painting



  • Up to 18 guests

  • Children and adults can be painted.

  • Request any design you want (we'll bring a menu board for inspiration)

  • Customize designs to a specific theme

  • Includes gems and bling

  • More experienced artist


Balloon Dog



  • Deluxe Face Painting + Balloon Twisting

  • 12 guests or fewer for $160

  • 13-18 guests for $230

  • May be one artist providing both services or two separate artists, depending on availability.


Face Painting Hourly Rates $110+

Small Events

Our hourly rate for small events (45 guests or fewer) is $100/hr/artist. The cost is $110/artist for events that are only one hour. One artist can paint 15 guests per hour with large or custom designs.

  • 1 hour = $110, up to 15 guests

  • 1.5 hours = $150, up to 22 guests

  • 2 hours = $200, up to 30 guests

  • 2.5 hours = $250, up to 37 guests

  • 3 hours = $300, up to 45 guests

Large Events

Our hourly rate for large events or corporate events is $100/hr/artist. Each artist can paint a minimum of 20 guests per hour. We offer a volume discount for events lasting 4 hours or longer.

Price per Artist

  • 2 hours = $200, at least 40 guests painted

  • 3 hours = $300, at least 60 guests painted

  • 4 hours + please request a quote

Speed Painting

For large events where getting guests through quickly is the top priority, we offer speed painting. In order to maximize our efficiency, we request that the organizer/host provide a volunteer to manage the line. Guests can choose from 16 popular (fast) designs that are approximately quarter-face size. Each artist can paint at least 30 guests per hour using these designs.

Price per Artist

  • 1 hour = $120, at least 30 guests painted

  • 1.5 hours = $165, at least 45 guests painted

  • 2 hours = $220, at least 60 guests painted

  • 3 hours = $330, at least 90 guests painted

  • 4 hours + please request a quote

Fundraising/Charity Events

We offer a discounted rate for non-profit and fundraiser events. For Saturdays from April-September this discount is subject to our availability and discretion. Not valid during the month of October. For weekday/off-season events we may be able to offer a greater discount. Please reach out for a quote.

Price per Artist

  • 1 hour = $80, 20-30 guests painted

  • 1.5 hours = $110, 30-40 guests painted

  • 2 hours = $140, 40-60 guests painted

  • 3 hours = $210, 60-90 guests painted

  • 4 hours + please request a quote

Balloon Twisting Hourly Rates $110+

Small or Large Events

Our hourly rate for balloon twisting is $110/hour. One balloon artist can twist 20-30 balloon creations per hour (we'll stick to simpler designs for large events and more elaborate designs for smaller events). We offer a discount for events lasting 4 hours or more.

Price per Artist

  • 1 hour = $110, 20-30 guests

  • 1.5 hours = $165, 30-45 guests

  • 2 hours = $220, 40-60 guests

  • 3 hours = $330, 60-90 guests

  • 4 hours + please request a quote

Henna Tattoo Rates $120+

Private Parties

Henna tattoos are a unique and exciting option for birthday parties, baby showers, bachelorette parties, or girls' night. One artist can do a henna tattoo for about 12 guests in one hour. For parties with more than 20 guests, we recommend two artists. We bring a book of design options, can freehand a unique design, or take requests. Tattoos are small to medium size.

Price per Artist

  • ​1 hour = $120, up to 12 guests

  • 2 hours = $240, up to 24 guests

Large Events

Henna tattoos are a welcome addition at corporate or family events for teens and adults. One artist can do a henna tattoo for about 15-18 guests per hour at large events. We'll bring a menu board of popular tattoo images and traditional henna hand designs for guests to choose from. All henna is freshly mixed and skin-safe with all-natural ingredients (no stabilizing chemicals). Tattoos will last for 7-14 days depending on care and location. We do offer discounts for events lasting 4 or more hours, or using 4 or more artists. Please inquire for details.

Price per Artist

  • ​1 hour = $120, 15-18 guests

  • 2 hours = $240, 30-36 guests

  • 3 hours = $360, 45-55 guests

  • 4 hours (or 4 artists) or more = please request a quote

Private Appointments or Maternity Henna

We offer one-on-one appointments for henna tattoos. We charge a $50 appearance fee, then you can select any design or designs from our design book priced from $7-$40 each, in addition to the appearance fee. This option is also available for small groups who would all like to pay for their own tattoo. The appearance fee is per event, not per person.

For maternity henna or private appointments for large designs, we charge our hourly rate ($120/hr) with no additional fee. In this case we'll do whatever designs you'd like during the time we have. Appointments of one hour only are $120. 

Private appointments are at your place of residence, or the location of your choosing (we come to you), unless you'd like to come to us. Please reach out for additional details.

Glitter Tattoo Rates $100+

Glitter tattoos are waterproof, colorful, and last 3-5 days! We also offer stencil tattoos in matte black which looks like a realistic tattoo (similar to airbrush) and are popular with boys. One artist can do glitter tattoos for about 20 guests in one hour.

Price per Artist

  • ​1 hour = $100, 20 guests

  • 2 hours = $200, 40 guests

  • 3 hours = $300, 60 guests

  • 4 hours (or 4 artists) or more = please request a quote

Fortune Teller $150+

Our fortune teller will amaze your guests and bring a fun, mystical element to your event! Your fortune teller can dress in a traditional costume, or appear as Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter. Our set up includes a table, draping, crystal ball, electric candles, etc. to set the mood. Your fortune teller can visit with 12-14 guests per hour for a full reading or up to 20 guests per hour for a brief encounter. Please note that our fortune telling services are for entertainment only.

  • ​1 hour = $150, 12-20 guests

  • 2 hours = $300, 24-40 guests

  • 3 hours = $450, 36-60 guests

  • Please request a quote for larger events

Costume Makeup/Private Face Paint Appointment $110

We'll come to you and do an individual full face paint or special fx transformation for $110 (minimum. Price may vary depending on the design/number of guests). Please message for details. 

Face Paintig
Balloon Twisting
Glitter Tattoos
Fortune Teller
Halloween Makeup

Interested in more than one service? Check out our discounts!

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