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Henna and Temporary Tattoos

Doreen Foote Henna 2019
We will be at Provo Freedom Fest, and Ri
Jagua! _#henna #henna_i #hennadesign #he
Hungry for henna_ Come see us today at a
Wedding Henna  #henna #henna_i #hennades
Summerfest in Logan this weekend
We’re looking forward to thks weekend_ L
Little floral piece for my daughter ._
I love grid patterns!_._._
Happy Valentines Day_._
Sometimes wearing a watch means planning
Baby belly henna for a beautiful expecta
One last day of tulip fest! So if you’re
I love flowers_._
Sunday henna ._._
Happy Holidays_._._
Matching hands_._._
A little piece I did for my sister. ._
Sunday henna_._._._._
Foot henna_._._
Tribal head piece!_._._._
We'll be at the Halloween Expo in Sandy
One of my favorite pieces I’ve ever had
Tried something a little different. ._
Jelly fish request from our last fair. .
Urban Arts Fair in Salt Lake this weeken
Peach Days in Brigham City starts today
Sunday henna ._._._
My daughter wanted a henna for the first
One of my favorite pieces of late
Favorite piece from the Blue Moon Festiv
mica heart1
pirate sword
Twilight Sparkle
Floral 💙_._._
We had a busy weekend! But it was so muc
Bountiful Summerfest International
Vacation henna
Detailed hand design inspired by _maplem
Party henna! 🎉 ._._._
Happy Wednesday!_._._
Tried a new grid
A fun woodland themed belly henna to mat
Our take on the popular inverse design
Late night henna
A little henna got knocked off before we
Happy Tuesday!_._._._
Foot henna from a private appointment
I love those _Joey flowers_ !!_mehndikaj
Back Mandala!😍_._._._.
Happy Friday!_._._
Not the most elegant pose, but the natur
Nothing's better than a foot Mandala!_
Using up an old cone, late night practic
These cute girls from SoJo Summerfest wa
Late night practice with an old cone
We are going to be at Logan's Summerfest
We are at Herriman Days today! Come see
Recreating a beautiful thigh piece from
Loved this design!_._._._._
Cute little fast design_._._._
Arm piece ._._
Come get henna today at one of the four
I kind of loved this one
Matching Feet!!!_._._._
Henna foot Fantastic Utah
Henna Girls 2015.jpg
Henna Fantastic Face Painting Glitte
Black Peacock Feather
Henna foot Utah
Henna Leg Design Doreen Peck
Fantastic Face Painting doing Henna
Prenatal Henna
Henna hand
Henna leg with flower
Arm band henna
Henna Full Arm
Henna with gems and gilding gel
White henna
Freehand glitter tattoo

We offer both freehand henna tattoos and temporary waterproof stencil tattoos using glitter or solid black cosmetic dye. Either is a popular option for teens and adults, and these two services can be performed by the same artist to give guests more options.

Henna is a natural dye made from plants. It penetrates the upper layer of the skin, creating a tattoo that remains visible for 7-14 days, depending on care and placement. We only use natural brown henna, never chemically-based “black” henna!

Our henna artists have years of experience. They can create custom, freehand designs or recreate a tattoo from a photo.

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