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Halloween & Special Effect Makeup

Doreen Sugar Skull
Darliece skeleton 2014
IMG_3448 (2)
Darth Maul.jpg
Beat Upe.JPG
Vicki Witch_edited.JPG
Halloween Pumpkin_edited.JPG
Sugar Skull Peach.jpg
Zombie Halloween Makeup.jpg
Doreen Halloween Entry.JPG
Derek Halloween Entry2.jpg
Dawna Halloween Entry.JPG
Danielle Halloween Entry.JPG
Old Age Halloween Makeup.jpg
Halloween Makeup cuts and wounds
Queen of Hearts Halloween Makeup
Bloody Skeleton Halloween Makeup
Zombie Monster Halloween Makeup
Green Zombie Halloween Makeup
Zombie Attack Special Effect Makeup
Zombie Halloween Makeup
Werewolf Halloween Makeup
Creepy Clown Halloween Makeup
Maggot Wound Special Effect Makeup

Our talented artists can transform you into whatever you can dream up! We use theatrical-quality special-effect supplies, including prosthetics, latex, wax, blood, crepe hair, etc. to create a realistic effect. We can do anything from the gory to the gorgeous! 

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